We are back!

We are back for 2020!

Just a reminder - showUP is an opportunity to connect with other professional women in a small group setting. We share ideas, vent about the world and build meaningful relationships. 

New for 2020:

- a website.

- dedicated email address

- event booking through the website (testing phase)

- facebook page (link through the website)

- linkedin page (link through website)

- Instagram

I am also going to try for two dinners per month instead of lunch and dinner. If anyone has a big desire to continue the lunches let me know and we can figure out how to keep it up. 

The website was a goal from the beginning and I am so happy that I finally just did SOMETHING. Its another one of those times when if you just showUP and start something you make great leaps forward. 

I plan to start reducing the invite list this year. I started with 100+ people and it has just grown. If I haven't heard from you in ages, I am going to guess that this isn't your kinda thing. I would also love for everyone to subscribe to the website so I can start pushing content from there instead of email. 

SO - go to the new website showUP and sign up for one of our dinners. As per usual we will aim for 2 tables of 6 max at each dinner. 

All the best,


Chief Instigator


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