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All of the types and styles are my favorites. I've yet to meet a test I didn't want to take and type all my friends (thankfully you all indulge me). One of the many podcasts reminded me of how helpful this can be for inclusion and understanding. They gave an example of two people that were constantly fighting on a team and when they read our their MBTIs they realized that some of these behaviors were just part of who they are - their style - they were not trying to drive the other person crazy. This ties back to family - and poor Mike who has to take all the tests - and you can see these styles play out in your life. The more you know (through any test) about yourself, your style and those around you the better you can interact and make sure to include everyone and play to strengths.

In case you haven't heard of all the tests, let me tell you about a few...

Meyers Briggs is the lifelong standard, I discovered I was an ENTP early on and even 20+ years later it still fits. Mike is an ISTJ and the dynamic is a challenge at times, the S in Mike isn't so open to my new crazy ideas all the time.

DISC - which tells me I need a wide variety of things to work on. I took this one early in my career and when I look back at the results its interesting to see the comments about my style and how I would naturally react vs how I was acting in my current work role. I haven't taken this one in years, so it would be interesting to see if it's changed.

The Fascination Advantage showed me that prestige is one of my advantages, which explains why I kept going back to school for more degrees. This one was a great read along with the quiz and encourages you to embrace your strengths and highlight them, not focus on the things that aren't your talent. At times we may downplay the things that come easy to us but those are what you bring to the table in your team, you just need to build the right team.

Strengthsfinder groups into four main categories and your attributes under each category. I was shocked with my results (I thought executing would be number 1), but once I got into the details I can see that I am more focused on influencing - as an activator I love to spark or excite people to do new things (take a type test maybe?).

The Holland test was new to me as part of the WEN mentoring program. According to Holland I am a Persuader - driven to lead, influence, motivate, and direct other people. Sounds legit...

Then there is my newest type and style - the enneagram. I am Type 7 - Enthusiast, surprised? And the rest of my family is - not. This one is fun because there are a million descriptors on Pinterest that show a different trait for each of the types.

And finally, this one isn't a type and style just a powerful discussion - are you an ally or a co-conspirator. This will be different based on the situation, but consider how you showUP. Are you there to support or are you in the fight, and what can you contribute at this stage.

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