Popsicle Sticks and Glue | 22 days | Cecilia

I've had so many conversations since my "retirement" or "transition" started. It is a beautiful thing to have so many friends willing to chat and connect you to someone else with even more ideas. I love this time of exploration and wish that I could always be in this zone. However, despite working full time at this exploration thing at some point I will have to get a paying gig. Hopefully it can be this much fun.

All of the conversations have really touched me. My peeps are the best, they give some awesome advice and they don't freak when I tell them "I hate that idea because it's way too hard" (hugs to Jessica for not hanging up on me). I am doing the too hard things, promise.

I want to share three things that are sitting on my brain.

Popsicle sticks and glue - my friend Ebony mentioned that all you need to start is popsicle sticks and glue, just get something started and fix it later. This is the mantra that started showUP, yet I am struggling in this new incarnation. I want to start, but the color of the popsicle sticks and the type of glue are locking me up. Since I love conversations, feel free to give me a call and shake me out of this lull. I agree with Ebony completely, start with something and keep moving. Share with showUP what you've started lately.

22 days - Several friends have said I should take a break. I thought I was taking a break, I am not doing work-work anymore, just other stuff. Admittedly that other stuff requires research, I am online non-stop and making appointments. My calendar is still full. But I do love it. Rajashree called my bluff and challenged me to one day of rest for every year I worked, 22 days. For some reason this one hit me in the gut. Starting 22 August, I am going to take 22 days off. Of course I have lots of things to do before then, and I will have to make a list of what is allowed and not allowed during my off time (feel free to make suggestions).

Cecilia - you have all heard me speak of Cecilia Rose and many of you know her yourself. She was an amazing person, a fireball and could stir up my crazy like nothing else. She passed at the end of July and leaves behind an awesome legacy as well as a hole in our hearts. So with Cecilia in mind I ask "Have I told you that I love you today?"

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