Off to the races - first event of the year

One friend leaving the country, a new friend added to the group and another friend with an exciting new job, it was a great night at Down House and I am lucky to have such a great community.

So many thoughts... how do we stay connected over the long distance (and time zones). How amazing is it to hear a story of reconnecting with family and then starting a new job. Who knew you could order an uber to pick up cake pops and deliver them to a restaurant. And Ebony, the same server we had at the very first showUP meeting, was working last night!

This week has been a busy week for me and the women in my world that showUP have made it so much better.

You will be happy to know that we have inspired another group of women (yes - we get to take credit for the inspiration, just not the actual work to do something hard). Linda Nickell has started a Show Up Club on facebook (SUC). She organizes a location each month and anyone can drop in. Liz Gilbert has already checked it out for us and says its all good.

One new idea - and I will try to set it up in the chat section - how do we make the entertainment part of business more women-friendly? Every example of taking a client out seems to be geared to men - mostly sporting events. I took clients to visit NASA this week and it was so much fun, I am pretty sure they had fun (or at least they took lots of photos). If there is an obligatory client get together, what sounds fun to you???

I will see some of you next week at Maggianos! Hope your week ended as fabulous as mine.

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