New Idea - New Year (2019)

Two of my favorite things are getting together with a group of brilliant women and eating. So with that in mind, I am kicking off a new idea for 2019. 

I will organize small groups (6-8 people) to get together for lunch or dinner. It will be a mix of people, not just the usual friends you see regularly (ie breaking out of this engineering world!). 

I just discovered the Dangerous Women Declaration, and I consider all of you to be part of my amazing dangerous women tribe. 

I am a Dangerous Woman I embrace small beginnings and Show up in small pockets of Love, But I don’t think small. I step over the obstacles that tell me I should quit. And so I start.

No worries if you can't make the first one, or even the second, I will keep asking and inviting. Let me know when you can make it and we will show up together. 

Friday - January 18 - Lunch 11:30 am - BellaGreen - River Oaks -  2305 W Alabama St

Thursday - January 24 - Dinner 6pm - DownHouse Café - 1801 Yale St 

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