New events - website challenges

I am having a disagreement with technology at the moment and the only part of the website I can get to work is the blog. So I am going to post some future events from other groups here and I will try to also post on linked in.

Since I am headed out for Spring Break next week, I plan to go radio silent for a bit and enjoy my family. BUT I've signed up for the WEN event on the 19th and maybe we can sort out an event Mon/Tues that same week.

11 March 11:30am

Texas Diversity Council Meeting - Gulf Coast Chapter

Accountability 2.0: Beyond the Basics in Measuring D&I Progress

19 March 6-8:30

Women's Energy Network (WEN): Q1 Power Hour [Stephanie is signed up]

07 November | Fredricksberg, TX | Wine Country 10k | Team show UP

Big group for a weekend away (and some running/walking). [Stephanie is signed up]

And if anyone is a website person and wants to help me sort this out, I would love the help. BTW - my error message is something about a cookie and a cross-site resource.

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