Longest Day of the Year

June 20 is the longest day of the year, which is falling in all of the months that feel like the longest months of this very long year. All the 2020 memes are spot on, this is crazy town and we must band together to make it through.

With that in mind I've set up our first virtual event. Sign up on the website and join us next Friday. If we get a big crew, I will split it into smaller groups. And if anyone has a zoom account that lets a meeting go for longer than 40 minutes, let me know!

I am working too hard, being careful with every breath and my kids are driving me nuts. But as I write the words I am so grateful for all the good stuff. No one in my family is sick, we are blessed to be working from home and the kids are old enough that they only drive me nuts part of the time. And the best thing ever, I have friends that text and call and will help me bury the bodies (that was a text conversation this week) if things go south.

All the type and style of the last has reminded me of my strengths (focus on those instead of the other) and reaching out for the strength of our friends.

I still want all of you involved more in this new thing I am building and evolving. If you have ideas I am your co-conspirator and we will figure it out!

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