Deep Breath

And here we are in a whole new place, similar to the old place but a bit scarier, more work from homey, better air, less traffic, less jobs, and much more time with the people you cohabitate with.

So lets choose to focus on the silver linings and fix the stuff we can for each other!

My house has been in lockdown since spring break because we have a high-risk kiddo. Like most people it has been a mix of joy and despair. Joy that I don't have to make the daily commute, despair that I have to kick previously mentioned kiddo out of my office 50 times a day. It has reinforced why I am not a teacher and why I go to a place where there are adults every day. I miss the adults, but I am starting to like this work from home thing too.

Its unexpected, enjoying working from home, because I am an extrovert. Thankfully I have some amazing buddies that answer and even turn on the video when I call. It shows their true love!

I am sure everyone's work life is a bit insane these days. Either chaos to keep up with the pace of putting business back together or trying to figure out what you are going to do next. We all take this thing at our own pace and mine has finally brought me back to the blog and ShowUP.

With that in mind I am going to try to figure out how to build this for all of us to connect even better. And anyone/everyone is invited to make a blog post, share something on the facebook / Insta / Linkedin, or just help me build this site for all of us.

At least I got out of my WIX lockdown (not sure how, just happened) and I can edit the site again!

Remembering advice from my friend Patsi - you guys need to know what I need in order to help. I am going to be specific...

- Social media - anyone want to help with cross posting on Linkedin/Insta/FB - say yes and I will figure out how to make that happen (or someone can help me)

- Blog - I would love to have a blog post a couple times a week (or more). Can someone commit to doing one a week for me? Maybe you pick a day and that becomes your day. You can even have a topic for all your posts (or not).

- Email - volunteer to help monitor email - not a lot of work, but I am not paying enough attention

- Jobs - we need to connect to each other right now because people are in need of jobs/connections. I don't know how to do this yet but if we start with the above and throw this idea out there I know it can happen.

Action for EVERYONE - connect to our Linkedin/FB/Insta and lets start sharing in the places where the infrastructure is already there!

Since I am an ideas person I am going to keep sending them out to you and anyone that can help me make them real, please do!

Virtual hugs from your favorite instigator,


#staysafe #thewierds #missyou

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