Carrying on - Matriarch

The showUP group last week did a great job of carrying on without me. All reports indicate that everyone had a great time and there were no major issues. All of which should be expected with such an awesome group of women. Thank you to everyone who attended for having a great night and making the fun and magic happen.

I spent Tuesday night planning my speech for my grandmother's funeral. She was an amazing 93 years old when she passed last week. Our family gathered together on Thursday to say goodbye and she managed to gather us together yet again for that big event. She was the matriarch of our family by the very definition and set the example for future generations. It is amazing how a strong role model can set you up for the best in life. My mom and her siblings are strong and resilient, my generation (we call them the grands) is also capable and every single one has a talent that we are all proud of. Finally, the kids (we call them the great-grands), the youngest generation, she was so proud to have all of the great grands. The youngest ones are already walking in her footsteps, loving life and making their life what they want it to be. I love that we got to honor this amazing woman, and reflect on what we learned from her example.

Next up - need to make some dinner plans for March. Suggestions welcome. I've got spring break and a trip to Perth so things aren't moving so fast here...

AND - planning a wine/run trip to Fredricksberg in November. So much fun.

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