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I've read and listened to so many good things in the last few weeks that inspired, coached, taught, and just made me laugh. One of the good (and scary) ones was Patrick Lencioni - Its Time to Rethink Work Podcast. First up - I've just discovered this author started with his book Getting Naked and then Motive, next will be his books on teams. In the podcast he asks the question, do you want to go back to the way it was, or are you better in this new place (or do you need a new place). One of the tests is do the people you work with make you better, do you want to see them every day.

For me that is a resounding yes because you've all met the wonderful people I keep in touch with forever that I met at work, these folks keep me sane in the middle of work. Next test: am I appreciated, its not about compensation, but do the folks you work for and with realize and acknowledge your contribution, and if its a not a yes what do we do about it. Which brings us back to brave. The third test is am I using my talents in a way that makes me feel good, for me this ties back to the first two. There are days I run screaming from my role and others where I instinctively end a meeting with an action list for everyone in the room, so the test can be complicated.

Some folks were hit by the oil downturn and are looking for work and the rest feel lucky to have a job right now, but long term lets showUP for each other and sanity check if we are headed in the right direction.

And on that note of an action item: you may have missed it in the last post but I am looking for some help to build this site bigger, let me know where you want to help!

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