I speak to people all the time about being an ally for women. I congratulate my partner for the fact that his team is 50% women and I chastise those who say they don't have bias.

But this week, I am acknowledging my bias and all the times that I have not been an ally to a friend. At one of our first showUP meetings the venue did not treat all of our group the same, they completely ignored and disregarded one of our friends, the only woman of color at that meeting. She bravely spoke up, talked to the manager and hopefully helped to improve their treatment of people going forward. Then she went home. I stayed and the rest of the group went to a table and enjoyed dinner. I see now, in retrospect, that I was not an ally. I stood with her in the conversation, but I didn't move the whole group to a new venue. Why - because it didn't even hit me that you need to not just support and encourage but take the action. Action is hard. But - in the words of Glennon Doyle - we can do hard things.

I resolve to do better - to ask myself where I can take action.

Even now, I have to acknowledge my privilege to have a job where my partner and I can work from home and keep our high risk kiddo safe.

I've postponed the first virtual meet up planned for this week and instead I encourage you to sign up for Denise Hamilton's event Wednesday June 3.

Finding Your Voice: The Path to True Allyship

There is also a link on the events page.

Also check out this HBR article:

Allyship - The Key to Unlocking The Power of Diversity

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