My mind is on accountability. From conversations about how we build in accountability checks for ourselves (thanks Jessica N) to owning my forgetfulness while discussing our next showUP with Jade.

Julie M once shared a graphic similar to the one in this post with me and it truly hits home. Where are you on the accountability ladder and where should you be? Personally, I hover between 4 & 5 quite a lot of the time. The wild hope that things will all work out vs stepping in and taking charge.

I had a conversation with Mike this weekend about all the donations that sit in wait. He gets frustrated that I never drop them off or finish the task. I am pretty excited that I collected all that stuff that needs to go and now I've lost track of the task, oops. Together we got it done, he called me on it and I made it happen. I am so grateful that I have people like that in my world.

I build in reminders for myself and only realize it later. I send off a note or a message that I am interested in something and someone calls me. It may feel a little shocking to get an actual phone call, but I love that we've closed the loop. I made it happen in a round-about way.

This post is my way of holding myself accountable for the next things, I am telling you now so that you all will be there to check up on me.

  • April virtual showUP. Jade is with me on this and we are going to meet next week!

  • In-person showUP. Texas is getting vaccinated and now we can safely gather (outdoors, possibly masked and still a little space between us). I think May is the time to make that happen.

  • Distribution lists - I need to find better ways to notify people about showUP, anyone want to coach me?

  • Website - I could use some help moving my Inflection website over to be more editable and I am using the excuse that I want to reach out of my usual network to hold me back. I would love to connect to someone that can help with the website and also support black-owned and women-owned businesses.

Where are you on the ladder and how can we help you?

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