2020 is here Dangerous Women!

Last year I kicked off something awesome (yes - lets brag). I pulled together groups of amazing women for a bite to eat and time to connect. The goal - fun.

We had so much fun at every lunch and dinner and forged new and stronger friendships.

I had grand plans last year of a website and all kinds of fancy stuff, and then LIFE.

Life for me in 2019 was an adventure, just the way we like it. It stared slow, with enough time to brainstorm crazy projects. Then kicked off with a bang when the day job got busy and the kids started all of their activities. Thankfully we were able to get together most months and all of these women inspire me.

So - Shelly called me today and asked, are we doing this again?

I am a starter and need people to keep me on track, so thank goodness for Shelly. I promised to send a new invite for Feb and then wondered why I never got around to the website.


I finally did it, thank goodness for Fridays off.

The site is only partially built out, but its a start. I showedUP on the interwebs for us.

Next step is figuring out how to connect us back to this site and the facebook and linked in pages. AND of course to get together in Feb.

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